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20th October 2014

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LOOK AT MY DOG!!!!!! look 

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20th October 2014

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10 Yoga Poses that will Compliment any Runner

If you run, you MUST compliment your running with stretching before and after so your muscles don’t tighten up. 

Here, I’ve put together some easy poses anyone can do after a run. Do them in order after your run. Go at your own pace, be kind to yourself and do what feels good. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not as flexible as you wish…you’ll get more flexible if you keep going. 

You’ll see progress quick if you stick to it. I promise!

1. Downward facing dog-

Stretches basically everything. Hips, hamstrings, shoulders, back, achilles, calves, etc. Also, it can be very cooling after running and a good moment to just relax and slow down.

2. Lizard Lunge-

A great opening in the hips and hamstrings which I always find needed after running. You can even take the hand closest to the instep of the foot and place it on your knee to gently push the knee out to the side. Do on both legs, naturally.

3. Horse Squat-

A good twist and hip opening. The help of gravity makes this stretch extra yummy! Push your knees apart with your hands and let it feel good!

4. Malasana Squat-

After horse squat, take your hips down towards the ground. This is AMAZING on the low back which can sometimes feel jarred after running. Plus another great opening in the hips.

5. Wide Legged Forward Fold-

I love this pose to stretch everything and to improve my posture by opening in the heart space. Make sure you lift at your inner arches here slightly to avoid dumping in your feet and hurting your knees. 

6. Tip Toe Pose-

I encourage all of my students and friends and family and anyone to do this. If you have never done this, it may feel pretty intense at first and you may not be able to sit in it for long. But do it everyday. Trust me, you will thank your healthy feet. Especially after having your feetsies in shoes all day, this is a must.

7. Top of the Foot Stretch-

To counter the last stretch, this one feels great and is crucial for balancing out your feet. It feels so good from the top of the shin down. Again, if you never stretch your feet, you may notice your arches are pretty tight. Either way, do it everyday.

8. Bhekasana/Frog Pose-

After working your quads on that run, this is the best thing you could do for them. It stretches the entire thigh. Don’t leave this one out. It’s way too good.

9. Pyramid Pose with elevated toes-

You could use the street curb for this one. Crazy good hamstring and achilles stretch. This wall was convenient for me to rest my forehead on.

10. IT Band Stretch-

Right after pyramid pose, take this twisty position to stretch out the IT band. You won’t regret it.

Do these stretches after runs and get back to me on how you feel in a few weeks. I can assure you it will improve your running, flexibility and power. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 


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20th October 2014

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Glow In The Dark Lotus Bookmark

This metal bookmark is accompanied by a lotus flower bead and is engraved with suns and stars. The lotus flower is connected to the bookmark with a small chain. Lotus, suns, and stars all glow bright blue in the dark. Sold on Etsy.

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20th October 2014

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im sorry but if you dont like manatees you really need to fucking sort yourself out because look at them


they only exist to make you happy


look at that face


they’re literally just the birth child of a pebble a cow and a hippo look at them


this guy is so high on life rn


they’re so squishy omg


he just wants a hug


like how can you not idek they’re just so floaty and happy and care free

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19th October 2014

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19th October 2014

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Time to buy your mooncakes before they sell out~ (Sep.8th is Mid-autumn)

Here’re some styles of mooncakes and their origins. 

1-2 广式月饼 Cantonese Mooncake (Guangdong; Key words: Most Popular; Classic)

3-4 提浆月饼 Tijiang Mooncake (Beijing; thicker skin than Cantonese style; Beijing style also has Zilai Hong and Zilai Bai)

5-6 苏式月饼 Suzhou Mooncake (Suzhou, Jiangsu; the skin has soft layers and it has the fullest fillings out of all the mooncakes; personal favorite)

7    潮式月饼 Teochew Mooncake (Chaozhou, Guangdong; skin also has layers but very crunchy)

8    Cantonese Mooncakes come in various shapes, the most popular is the lucky double fish.

Above are some traditional style mooncakes. Here’re also two popular new varieties inspired by the Cantonese mooncake.   

9   桃山皮月饼 Momoyama Mooncake (Japan) 

10 冰皮月饼 Snow skin mooncake (Hong Kong)

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19th October 2014

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Soleatus - Submitted by Canisantiquus
#1F1C15 #C4D297 #A4C79E #699F91 #50866E


Soleatus - Submitted by Canisantiquus

#1F1C15 #C4D297 #A4C79E #699F91 #50866E

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19th October 2014

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19th October 2014

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19th October 2014

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The weapons and equipment of British warriors down the ages, from top to bottom;

Huscarl, 1066

Crusader knight, 1244

Longbowman, 1415

Yorkist Man-at-Arms, 1485

New Model Army musketeer 1645

Private, 1709

Corporal, 1815

Private, 1916

Lance Corporal, 1944

Private, 2014

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